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★ let me rock your WORLD!

Carly. / kayimi.
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[in-trin-sik, -zik] adj.
1. Of or relating to the essential nature of a thing.

Welcome to iintrinsic, an icon journal owned by CARLY also known as kayimi. Here you will find a variety of icons that she has created on her spare time. It is just a small icon journal to help improve her icon designing skills. You might also sometimes see some music files here posted too. Also, there are a set of simple rules to know about before seeing my graphics!

&& please comment when you take something.
&& crediting is a must! (see below for example)
&& treat me with respect and you'll get the same back.
&& do not direct linking my icons.
&& textless icons are not bases.
&& enjoy browsing! ♥

For those that do not know how to credit an icon, here is how.

Affiliates: envelope_icons
If you would like to affiliate with me, leave a comment in the most recent entry plzkthx! :D

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